ALL-TIMES: Integrating European Timing Analysis Technology

ALL-TIMES is a medium-scale focused-research project within the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration.

The ALL-TIMES project is concerned with embedded systems that are subject to safety, availability, reliability, and performance requirements. More often than not, these requirements relate to correct timing, most notably in the automotive and aerospace areas. Consequently, the need for appropriate timing analysis methods and tools is rapidly growing.

The ALL-TIMES project aims to combine research results into a consistent methodology, integrate available timing tools into a single framework, and develop new timing analysis methods and tools where appropriate.

The ALL-TIMES project will enable interoperability of tools from leading commercial vendors (such as RapiTime from Rapita Systems), and universities, and develop integrated tool chains using open tool frameworks and interfaces. By combining research results and commercial tools, ALL-TIMES will facilitate the flow of ideas from basic research to industrial practice.

ALL-TIMES will strengthen the competitiveness of several key industries in Europe, most notably the automotive and aerospace areas. Beyond these industries, automation, manufacturing, robotics, medical, communication, and multimedia are markets where timing is important. These industries will also be able to benefit from the project results.

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