CRAFTERS: ConstRaint and Application driven Framework for Tailoring Embedded Real-time Systems

The CRAFTERS project (ARTEMIS-2011-1-295371) is dedicated to the development of improved multi-core real-time applications and associated reliable timing analysis methodologies. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking Programme. The focus of the project spans the different domains of real-time applications for heterogeneous, networked, embedded many-core systems.

These applications suffer from a lack of trusted pathways to system realization and application deployment. Service and product development efforts are high with many uncertainties. Industry is discouraged from engaging in such ventures, leaving the market opportunity unexploited. CRAFTERS proposes a computing environment for many-core systems derived from vertical domains that will enable the evolution to horizontal domains by providing common methods, tools and reference platforms for embedded many-core applications. Rapita is contributing timing analysis expertise to:

  • develop and adapt a performance evaluation suite for multi-core platforms, before integrating it into a test environment;
  • support the specification of test cases for measurement-based timing analysis and verification.

The 36-month long project started on 01/06/2012. A total of 26 industrial and academic partners from across Europe are taking part. For more details visit CRAFTERS and ARTEMIS.