ParMERASA: Multi-Core Execution of Parallelised Hard Real-Time Applications

A Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project of the European Union, parMERASA focuses on the potential for increased performance and safety benefits when hard real-time applications are run in parallel on an embedded multi-core processor.

The objective of parMERASA is to efficiently parallelise industrial applications for embedded real-time systems that require high performance. To meet this objective the project must create new timing analysis approaches which scale to multi-core architectures. Demonstrating that timing requirements can be met with enough confidence to be used on a real-time system is the key.

Rapita Systems will develop analysis tools to aid the development of multi-core processors. parMERASA is a direct follow up to the MERASA (Multi-Core Execution of Hard Real-Time Applications Supporting Analysability) project which ended in October 2010.

The project involves eight industrial and academic partners from Europe and an industrial advisory board made up of representatives from well-known European manufacturers. This 36-month-long project lasts until September 2014. For more information visit