Rapita tool qualification support

Our aim with tool qualification support is to ensure that you can qualify RVS tools for use on your project. With that in mind, we offer four different kinds of tool qualification support, each designed for a particular purpose.

  1. Our main qualification offering is based around a qualification service model. This provides engineering support for on-site configuration, validation and testing of the tool as integrated with your target environment. For example, we can customize and execute our test-suite for a specific use of RapiCover, or calibrate the timestamp encoding for a particular use of RapiTime. The emphasis here is on the complete process of using the tool, from source code through to measurement results. We can also provide safety case support based on hazard-directed causal models, if needed.
  2. For many users, the integration is straightforward enough to use our qualification kit alone, which does not include on-site testing. This kit includes a generic test-suite for the tool, test cases, procedure documentation and the tool operational requirements. To aid customization for the use-case and target facilities in question, it includes telephone and email support. This is a valuable option for users who do not already have an agreed set of tool operational requirements and test cases.
  3. If a user has some existing tool operational requirements and tests, but needs assistance in presenting the specifics of RVS tools, we can provide template qualification data. This contains template qualification documents and verification results from our generic in-house tests.
  4. Finally, we recognize that many users have an existing tool qualification approach for certain classes of tool, and in this case such users are likely to conduct tool qualification entirely without any tool vendor interaction. Even in this situation, we support the tool qualification process with a streamlined problem reporting process and customized frozen-version support.

Whatever your tool qualification needs, we believe that we can meet them. We currently offer tool qualification support for the use of RVS tools in DO-178B, DO-178C and ISO 26262 projects. For more information, visit our qualification page or contact us.