Rapita Systems blog recap: MC/DC, RVS 3.1 and more

Have you missed some Rapita blog posts over the past few months? This quick recap of recent posts will fill any gaps in your knowledge.

February saw the arrival of the scene-setting introductory post for the “Seven misconceptions of MC/DC” series. In-house MC/DC expert Zoe Stephenson then unleashed a stream of posts demolishing the seven frequently-encountered misconceptions about MC/DC. It’s Everything You Wanted To Know About MC/DC But Were Afraid To Ask, only without Woody Allen jokes:









Meanwhile, FAE and real-time guru Nick Lay continued with his “Hardware acceleration features that make real-time hard” series. His subject back in February? Multicore processors.

February also saw the launch of RVS 3.1 at Avionics Europe in Munich. FAE embedded automotive expert Rob Malvern kindly produced this outline of the top 5 new RVS 3.1 features and improvements. Check out the Report Comparison feature. Customers asked for it and we delivered.

The recap concludes with posts from April:

We hope you enjoyed this recap. The next recap will be available soon.

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