Code coverage

Code coverage without instrumentation

Follow our progress on collecting coverage results without applying any instrumentation at all.
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Automating test generation with AUTOSAC

Find out how automated test generation from SPARK Ada pre and post-conditions can cut the effort needed to run test projects. 
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Integrating RVS with Bamboo

Learn how to integrate the RVS RapiTest and RapiCover tools with Bamboo, the continuous integration system from Atlassian.
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Merging coverage data from multiple test runs

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is how we merge coverage data from multiple test runs. This seems to be an unnecessary bottleneck that we have solved for many of our customers.
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How do I demonstrate the safe use of instrumented source code analysis?

In the second of two related blog posts, I describe one method to present a certification argument for the use of instrumentation in source code coverage analysis.
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