Code coverage

Test your testing skills with RapiCover on Tetris

We were somewhat surprised and shocked to discover that Tetris turned 30 this year. As our own celebration of this classic game, we've added our own twist to it: you can now measure the structural code coverage as you play.
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Mark explains what code coverage is for

Mark explains to a friend:
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What are the implications of multi-core devices on code coverage?

The use of code coverage (also called structural coverage analysis or SCA) when testing safety-critical systems is widely established. For example, in the aerospace domain, the DO-178B/C guidance requires specific types of coverage testing to be carried out. The depth of coverage testing required depends on the system's safety level, with the most critical requiring the use of modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC).
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Automatic generation of MC/DC test cases - a complete waste of time?

Blindly generating tests to produce 100% MC/DC coverage is not the way forward. The bottom line is you don’t actually learn anything new. Can a test vector generation tool – which only generates test vectors for code that is uncovered by the existing test suite – be useful in a safety critical context?
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If RapiTime provides Ipoint coverage, why do I need RapiCover?

Users of RapiTime will probably be aware that one of the categories of information shown in a RapiTime report is "Ipoint Coverage". So, given that RapiTime supplies coverage information, why do you need RapiCover?
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