An early look at RapiTest

We have been hard at work recently developing RapiTest, a new RVS tool that generates and runs unit, integration and system tests on embedded targets or host systems. RapiTest injects test framework code, builds a test harness, runs this on the target and reports results.
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Merging coverage data from multiple test runs

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is how we merge coverage data from multiple test runs. This seems to be an unnecessary bottleneck that we have solved for many of our customers.
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Supporting Duff's Device in RVS

Nested “case” labels are an obscure feature of C, and not often seen. However, examples do exist, typically hidden deep in standard library functions and our customers come across them from time to time. Here's a little article about how we recently brought support for them into RVS.
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Is Windows Safe Mode faster for code?

In a conversation with a colleague, I found myself wondering what was the impact of running code under Windows vs a "bare metal" x86 box. One of the nice things about working for a tool vendor is that you have the tools to hand to perform these kind of experiments "for fun".
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Automatic generation of MC/DC test cases - a complete waste of time?

Blindly generating tests to produce 100% MC/DC coverage is not the way forward. The bottom line is you don’t actually learn anything new. Can a test vector generation tool – which only generates test vectors for code that is uncovered by the existing test suite – be useful in a safety critical context?
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