Deadline Floor Inheritance Protocol for Earliest Deadline First resource sharing

In a previous posting, I mentioned the Deadline Floor Inheritance Protocol for resource sharing in EDF schedulers. In this blog post, I describe how this works.
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What's next for Ada?

While the dust settles around the introduction of Ada 2012, it's interesting to see that people are looking forward to what the next version of Ada might bring. At the Ada Europe conference last week, a number of presentations looked at areas that are not currently in the Ada language, which might be worthy candidates for including in the future. Given our own interests in embedded, real-time systems, we naturally focus upon the ones relevant to this area.
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How do you put the "real-time" into a real-time operating system?

There are lots of products on the market claiming to be real-time operating systems. Wikipedia alone lists 149. But what does it mean to be a real-time operating system?
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What are “co-operative” and “pre-emptive” scheduling algorithms?

Because of their complexity, most modern systems are reliant on scheduling algorithms for efficient multitasking and multiplexing. Invariably these algorithms implement compromises based on specific objectives such as meeting deadlines. This blog post looks at two tasking models which implement different compromises depending on the objectives set by the system user: these models are called “co-operative” and “pre-emptive”.
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