Timing analysis

How do you put the "real-time" into a real-time operating system?

There are lots of products on the market claiming to be real-time operating systems. Wikipedia alone lists 149. But what does it mean to be a real-time operating system?
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Reading large arrays with Vector CANape

We often encounter Vector Informatik's CANape software, described as a "measurement, calibration and diagnostic tool", when working on projects with automotive customers. While it's rather like the automotive software equivalent of a Swiss army knife, supporting a number of different functions that are useful when developing and testing automotive ECUs, reading an array with more than 16 values is a problem. How do you overcome this issue?
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Setting up a free-running timer on the STM32 Discovery F4 board

At Rapita Systems, we find the STM32 Discovery F4 board to be a cost-effective and versatile development board. We have a number of them, which we dedicate to training courses and demonstrations of our tools. Since we’ve started using them, we’ve had to work out for ourselves how to operate some of the on-chip peripherals. In a previous blog post I explained how the IO port can be configured. Another peripheral we find ourselves frequently using is a high-resolution free running timer. In this post I’ll show you how to set up a timer on the STM32.
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P-SOCRATES project begins

I recently attended the first meeting of the P-SOCRATES project as an Industrial Advisory Board member, hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. P-SOCRATES (Parallel SOftware framework for time-CRitical mAny-core sysTemS) is an EU research project combining recent developments from high performance computing and embedded systems.
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Is Windows Safe Mode faster for code?

In a conversation with a colleague, I found myself wondering what was the impact of running code under Windows vs a "bare metal" x86 box. One of the nice things about working for a tool vendor is that you have the tools to hand to perform these kind of experiments "for fun".
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