Timing analysis

What really happened to the software on the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft?

It’s the 4th of July. Exactly sixteen years ago today the Mars Pathfinder landed to a media fanfare and began to transmit data back to Earth. Days later and the flow of information and images was interrupted by a series of total systems resets. How this problem was a) diagnosed and b) resolved still makes for a fascinating tale for software engineers.
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simpler_Ada_using renames for.complex.names;

The renames facility is just one of a long list of reasons why we are big Ada fans. Here I explain how the renames facility works and how it can help you write code which is both readable and traceable.
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PowerPC and TriCore timing variability: which is the more predictable?

We recently tested a system with two different processors, a PowerPC and a TriCore. For anyone concerned with variability, the results make for interesting reading.
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Rapita Systems blog recap: MC/DC, RVS 3.1 and more

Have you missed some Rapita blog posts over the past few months? This quick recap of recent posts will fill any gaps in your knowledge.
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Safe, portable, non-blocking interprocess communication (part 2)

Some time ago, I wrote about interprocess communication without interrupt locks, using a circular buffer. This is a really useful technique, if you want to provide buffered data transfer between a reader and a writer without introducing blocking into your application.
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