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Certifying Multicore Timing Analysis for DO-178C Projects

16th April 2019, Barcelona

One-Day Workshop

  • Certifying multicore projects to DO-178C
  • Complying with CAST-32A guidance
  • Shared resources & Interference

Brought to you by:

Rapita Systems and ConsuNova

Reza Madjid

Reza Madjidi - CEO & Consulting DER, ConsuNova
Reza Madjidi is the president of ConsuNova and an active FAA Systems & Equipment DER (Software). Reza is also a subject matter expert in practical teaching of DO-178C and Compliance streamlining.

Dr Guillem Bernat

Dr. Guillem Bernat - CEO, Rapita Systems
Dr. Guillem Bernat is the CEO of Rapita Systems, the leading provider software verification tools for critical systems.

Dr Francisco Cazorla

Dr. Francisco Cazorla - Computer Architecture Operating Systems (CAOS) Group Manager, Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Dr. Francisco Cazorla is a leading academic expert in timing analysis techniques including techniques to study interference effects in multicore systems.


Price: €350

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About the Workshop

This practical workshop will provide an insight into considerations when producing evidence for the timing behavior of multicore systems for DO-178C certification.

You’ll learn the following from leading experts in multicore certification and critical software verification:

  • Certifying multicore timing for DO-178C. With the increased adoption of multicore systems in critical aerospace projects, you’ll learn the challenges involved with certifying the timing behavior of these systems for DO-178C and how these challenges can be overcome using cutting-edge V&V solutions.
  • Complying with CAST-32A guidance. You’ll learn how to interpret CAST-32A guidance and produce the work products specified in CAST-32A.
  • Accounting for shared resources & interference. Shared resources in multicore systems can have a huge impact on the execution time of a task, making timing behavior non-deterministic. You’ll learn how to account for these resources in a way that is compliant with DO-178C and CAST-32A.

Meet the speakers

Dr. Guillem Bernat, CEO of Rapita Systems Ltd., has decades of experience in execution time analysis from both academic and commercial perspectives. He co-founded Rapita Systems in 2004, which produces cutting-edge tools for automation of software verification, including RapiTime for worst-case execution time analysis.

Reza Madjidi, as CEO of ConsuNova, regularly runs training courses on DO-178C compliance worldwide. Reza is also a consulting DER.

Dr. Francisco Cazorla is group manager of the Computer Architecture Operating Systems at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. He researches novel methods for timing analysis including multicore techniques such as using microbenchmark technology to understand and quantify interference channels in multicore hardware.

What's included?

World class training

Attendees will benefit from training from some of the world's leading authorities on critical software verification and multicore research. As the course is strictly limited to 30 places, you get the opportunity to engage with the trainers on a personal basis and examine the challenges or questions you may have around the topic of multicore in the critical software domain.

Free tour of the MareNostrum supercomputer

For attendees arriving the evening before, you have the opportunity to take a tour of the MareNostrum supercomputer at the Barcelona supercomputing Center.

The MareNostrum supercomputer at the BSC is housed inside a historic church The MareNostrum supercomputer at the BSC is housed inside the historical Chapel Torre Girona

The MareNostrum is the most powerful supercomputer in Spain and occupies 120 square meters. Whilst it may not be the biggest supercomputer in the world, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful, being housed inside the historical Chapel Torre Girona.

World class facilities

The workshop will be hosted in the 5-star Sofia hotel in Barcelona. The room layout will be a "classroom" style, splitting attendees into different tables. We find that this stimulates excellent interaction between attendees seated on the same table and allows for a comfortable and practical working space. Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided along with a high quality meal arranged by the hotel.

Consofia Sofia Hotel venue facilities

Feedback from previous workshops:

Well presented with content adjusted to meet the expectations of the audience.

The course is very good and successfully accommodates for individuals with varying levels of prior experience in the field.

The course has helped with understanding the QA process and how this fits to the standard.


When & Where

16th April 2019


Sofia Hotel, Barcelona


Price: €350

Course capacity


Tickets go on sale

6th Feb 2019

Course overview

  • Certifying multicore projects to DO-178C
  • Complying with CAST-32A guidance
  • Shared resources & interference

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