RVS 3.9 launched

Streamlined software verification with RVS 3.9

With its range of usability enhancements, RVS 3.9 makes critical software verification easier than ever.

Improved treemaps for easier project navigation

In RVS 3.9, treemaps now work for all RVS plugins and are improved.

You can now use treemaps to easily navigate your project earlier in the testing process, and better synchronization between treemaps and your report makes project navigation easier than ever.

Coverage data management and optimal dataset calculation

RVS 3.9 makes it easier to manage coverage data in your report and calculate the optimal tests to run for maximum coverage.

New wizards, including a standalone Optimal Dataset Calculator, streamline your data management, letting you filter results and calculate optimal datasets to run for maximum coverage easily.

Improved invocation timeline charts

We've improved our invocation timeline charts and you can now use them with RapiTask as well as RapiTime.

With improved rendering, and scrolling and zoom functions, it's easier than ever to view your software's execution behavior.

About RVS

RVS (Rapita Verification Suite) collects verification data from critical software while it runs either on host machines or embedded targets. Using RVS, aerospace and automotive electronics engineers can tackle the challenges involved in developing and maintaining critical embedded systems.