RapiTest provides a straightforward migration path to upgrade from the legacy software testing tool AdaTEST. We support migration in the following ways:

  • You can run your existing AdaTEST tests without the AdaTEST toolset, and view your results, in the RVS Project Manager - for more information on how this works, see our blog.
  • You can run tests in both AdaTEST and RapiTest formats at the same time and easily produce a combined report
  • We can provide a tool to partially automate the conversion of AdaTEST tests into the easy-to-use RapiTest formats - this is ideal when you need to update your existing tests
  • We can convert your existing tests into the easy-to-use RapiTest formats as a service; for more information, contact

Run AdaTEST tests automatically through RapiTest

There's no need to change your existing test files or perform additional reviews when you migrate, as RapiTest can use your existing test files directly.

RapiTest offers the following key benefits over AdaTEST:

  • Support for all versions of Ada, unlike AdaTEST, which does not support versions later than Ada95.
  • Reduced effort writing, debugging, maintaining and reviewing tests through RapiTest's powerful test formats, which aren't protected by IP and don't lock you into using RapiTest.
  • With RapiTest's flexible stubbing mechanism, there's no need to write your subprograms in separate files to stub them.
  • Tool automation support, including support for continuous integration systems like Jenkins.
  • By using RapiTest along with RapiCover and/or RapiTime, you can produce easily viewable reports that include coverage and/or timing data as well as unit test results and get more from your testing.
  • Continuous updates from a company you can trust - unlike AdaTEST, RapiTest is under continuous development, and maintenance and support, including frozen version support, is available.