Merge Coverage utility

You can easily merge coverage results from multiple test runs by using RVS's Merge Coverage utility. This makes it quick and easy to obtain comprehensive coverage data for large applications where you have generated multiple datasets from a split build.

RapiCover lets you perform partial merges, where you merge only subsets of the total coverage data from multiple reports. This supports the use of RapiCover in situations where your code changes between test runs, for example when using RapiCover within continuous development environments. To ensure that your coverage data is still accurate after performing a partial merge, you must review your source code changes and any tests that touch changed code. The Merge Coverage utility provides helpful, step-by-step guidance through the review process, and includes import and export options that let you easily share your review workload.

The utility also includes support for removing coverage from reports, further helping you use RapiCover within a continuous development environment.