Configurable export formats

You can export coverage results from RapiCover in a variety of formats, making it easy to share results with people without access to RapiCover. Any RapiCover justifications you've added are included in exports.

You can configure coverage exports in the following formats:

  • HTML - this lets you view your results through a browser, and includes a copy of your source code 
  • Source - this includes a copy of your source code with inline annotations that report coverage results 
  • Plain text - text file listing every function, statement, MC/DC item etc. analyzed by RapiCover and whether or not it was covered 
  • Comma/Semicolon separated values - including the same information as the plain text format, these make it easy to import your results into a spreadsheet application for further processing
  • XML - this lists coverage results like the plain text format, and is useful if you want to apply sophisticated post-processing of your coverage data

If you're using RapiCover to produce results for a DO-178 or ISO 26262 project, you can rest assured that exported results are suitable for submission as certification evidence.