Scope Manager

  • Filter coverage by selected subprograms
  • Save selections for future use
  • Focus on results from specific tests

In RVS, a scope is a set of the subprograms in your source code. 

The Scope Manager feature helps you define scopes and update the data displayed in the RVS Project Manager. Using it, you can search for strings in your subprogram names, select and deselect subprograms, and save and load your selections.

When you change the scope you have selected, the data shown in both the RVS Report Viewer and Treemap view updates, giving you a representation of the coverage and detailed metrics of only the subprograms you have selected. The Scope Manager also lets you access the Optimal Dataset Calculator, which can calculate the least expensive tests you need to run again after you change your code base.  

You may want to only see data for a subset of the tests in your RapiCover project, for example just the data that maps to a specific requirements-based test. Using the Dataset Manager and Scope Manager features together, you can do this with minimal effort.