RapiTask Aero

RapiTask Aero
RTOS scheduling visualization for aerospace software

RapiTaskAero helps embedded aerospace engineers understand the scheduling behavior of their Ada, C and C++ software. The tool collects data on task-level scheduling behavior when software tests are run on host computers, simulators or the embedded target itself, and provides a variety of displays, charts and graphs to help you analyze the data.

By integrating seamlessly with your native build system, RapiTaskAero lets you collect task-level scheduling data automatically, for example in continuous build environments.

RapiTaskAero can be used to demonstrate scheduling behavior of complex applications used in aerospace electronics, for example those using an ARINC-653-compatible RTOS.

The information reported by RapiTaskAero provides evidence to support DO-178C certification, for example items:

  • 6.3.2c: Compatibility with the target computer: "... especially the use of resources such as … system response times."
  • 6.3.3c: Compatibility with the target computer: "... asynchronous operation, synchronization, and interrupts…"
  • "A check should be made to ensure that protection mechanisms for exceeded frame times respond correctly."

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