RapiTask Auto

When used in the automotive domain, in addition to its primary use for system visualization, RapiTask can be used to support certain requirements of ISO26262. For example:

ISO26262-6: 7.4.3 table 3 item 1f requires "Appropriate scheduling properties". These could be determined using the RapiTask's response times and periodicities.

ISO26262-6: 7.4.11 software partitioning + annex D:
d) verification of the software partitioning might be supported with response times, separations and visualisation from RapiTask.

ISO26262-6: 9.4.3f + table 10 row 1d, 10.4.3e + table 13 row 1d, resource usage test, can be supported with cpu utilization, and response time from RapiTask