RapiTask Auto

RapiTask Auto
RTOS scheduling visualization for automotive software

RapiTaskAuto helps embedded automotive engineers understand the scheduling behavior of their C and C++ software. The tool collects data on task-level scheduling behavior when software tests are run on host computers, simulators or the embedded target itself, and provides a variety of displays, charts and graphs to help you analyze the data.

By integrating seamlessly with your native build system, RapiTaskAuto lets you collect task-level scheduling data automatically, for example in continuous build environments.

The information reported by RapiTaskAuto provides evidence to meet ISO 26262 requirements, for example:

  • ISO 26262-6: 7.4.3 table 3 item 1f requires "Appropriate scheduling properties", which you can determine using the response time and periodicity metrics produced by RapiTaskAuto.
  • ISO 26262-6: 7.4.11 software partitioning + annex D: d) – you can support verification of your software's partitioning by using RapiTaskAuto to visualize the scheduling behavior of your code, and using the response time and separation metrics it produces.
  • ISO 26262-6: 9.4.3f + table 10 row 1d, 10.4.3e + table 13 row 1d, resource usage test can be supported with CPU utilization and response time metrics produced by RapiTaskAuto.

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