RapiTime Auto

Where RapiTime Auto has benefited customers

RapiTime Auto is designed to meet the challenges of verifying automotive software written in C and C++ for critical embedded systems. The tool collects execution time measurements from software tests run on host computers, simulators or the embedded target itself and reduces the cost and effort needed to analyze execution time behavior, optimize software and update legacy systems.

By integrating seamlessly with your native build system, RapiTimeAuto lets you collect verification data automatically, for example in continuous build environments. Compared to similar tools on the market, RapiTimeAuto has extremely low overheads, so you can collect verification data in fewer test runs.

The benefits RapiTimeAuto provides include:

  • Reduced costs with automated worst-case execution time measurement
  • Rapid identification of the best performance optimizations
  • Time saved by significant reductions in manual annotations
  • Reduced risk of deploying systems with timing faults
  • Detailed Execution Time Profile (ETP) data which illustrates the timing behaviour of your system and aids identification of timing issues before they become problems
  • Loop bounds establishing "why" a specific WCET value is reported and reducing the effort needed to understand why problems occur and to resolve them
  • Source code display helps you to identify the code responsible for timing issues and promotes rapid and effective optimization
  • ASL Tags which specify local annotations and demonstrate how RapiTimeAuto does not “damage” source code