Who uses RapiTime?

Who uses RapiTime map

Meeting customer needs around the world

RapiTime is used by aerospace and automotive electronics engineers who:

  • are developing or maintaining large critical real-time embedded systems
  • want to understand how well their system is performing
  • need timing data
  • must determine worst-case execution time (WCET) for their code
  • want greater confidence in the results generated
  • must quickly spot the code which is making the biggest contribution to the worst-case execution time
  • need to know how to improve their test cases
  • want more results per test at a faster rate than usual
  • want to evaluate the overall picture of timing behavior for pieces of code
  • need to understand differences in timing between builds
  • want to examine timing for a particular test run
  • must explore which code was executed in any given test
  • need to cut preparation time with automatic instrumentation
  • have to quickly identify bugs

The latest version includes support for those working with C, C++ and Ada in the avionics and automotive electronics industries.

We also provide tool qualification support for engineers looking to use RapiTime as a verification tool within a project requiring DO-178B/C or ISO 26262 certification.

RapiTime Aero was created for high-integrity aerospace applications which need to satisfy the guidance of DO-178B/C or equivalent military standards. Many are built using ARINC-653 partitioned operating systems. RapiTime Aero was designed to meet these demanding specifications.

The latest version includes support for C, C++ and Ada.

Aero diagram

RapiTime Auto addresses the specific needs of the automotive market. It supports engineers working with micro-controllers of 8 bits upwards, whether programming "bare metal" or using real-time operating systems (including AUTOSAR), and can also help meet the verification requirements of ISO 26262.

The latest version includes support for C and C++.

Auto diagram