RTBx data logger

The ultimate data logging solution

Trace longer, sample faster

The RTBx data logger provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for collecting and timestamping long streams of verification data from software tests run on embedded hardware. It is target-independent, supporting a wide variety of target architectures, and provides an excellent way of collecting trace data for use by RVS.

Key features

High-speed continuous processing

Log and timestamp trace data produced at high rates for days on end.

Automatically timestamp data

Remove the need for on-target timestamping procedures or hardware that causes bottlenecks in your testing.

Flexible connection strategies

Connect to almost any embedded target with a range of connection strategies.

Web-based manager

Manage the RTBx easily through a web client.

Automated tracing

Integrate into your existing continuous build environment to collect data from tests automatically.

On-the-fly filtering

Reduce downstream data processing time by filtering data as it is collected.


SpecificationRTBx 2220RTBx 2320*RTBx 2240*RTBx 2340*
Signal inputUp to 32 bitUp to 64 bit
Maximum sustained tracing rate (million ipoints/second)250720250720
Minimum ipoint separation4 ns2 ns4 ns2 ns
Sampling frequency250 MHz720 MHz250 MHz720 MHz
Storage capacity500 GB† 
Typical continuous tracing durationDays
Electrical signalLVDS/TTL

*Currently under development; specification of the final model may change. Additional capacity available on request. Using an adapter.

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