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RVS Aero
On-target verification solutions for
safety-critical aerospace software
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RVSAero is specifically designed to meet the needs of aerospace software verification. Supporting toolchains and operating systems found in avionics systems, and the resource constraints they often have, many commercial and defense aircraft are flying today with systems verified by RVSAero.

With support for system testing, unit/integration test generation and testing, structural coverage analysis (including MC/DC) and timing analysis (including worst-case execution time), RVSAero increases the efficiency of aerospace software verification and helps to identify performance bottlenecks in critical aerospace code.

Many high-integrity aerospace applications are designed to satisfy the guidance of DO-178B, DO-178C or equivalent military standards, and are built using ARINC-653 partitioned operating systems. RVSAero was designed to meet these demanding specifications, and qualification kits are available to support the use of RVSAero in DO-178B and DO-178C projects.

RVSAero supports all microprocessors and DSPs, including Power PC; Intel x86; ARM; Infineon Tricore; C167 (and derivatives); Freescale HC12/HCS12/HCS12X; NEC V850; MIPS; TI TMS320 and others. It supports a wide variety of C, C++ and Ada compilers and runs on both Microsoft Windows and Linux. Part of the Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) product family, RVSAero reduces verification costs and supports system and integration testing processes.

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