Software Verification

Software Verification Services

A comprehensive verification solution

Our flexible verification services help you meet the objectives of DO-178B/C and ISO 26262 projects. We offer the training, consultancy, tools and engineering effort you need to understand the process and set up and apply a test environment to produce verification metrics needed to meet safety standards.

How we can help

  • Performing gap analysis
  • Streamlining verification processes
  • Reviewing requirements
  • Setting up a test environment
  • Developing and executing tests
  • Achieving verification objectives

Get ready for certification

We provide evidence of the functional testing of your software by designing and executing system, integration and unit tests. Further, we help you achieve verification objectives such as testing structural code coverage, timing and scheduling behavior. We recommend testing using RVS, which can already be qualified for use in DO-178B/C and ISO 26262 projects.

Reduce testing effort

As on-target experts, we know how to work with embedded targets, and even the most complex systems, for example multi-core architectures. During analysis, we may identify areas of your source code where optimization will increase the efficiency of your system, freeing up storage capacity and futureproofing your software.

Get in touch

Every safety-critical test project is different. Contact us to arrange a custom solution that suits your needs.