Rapita to give tutorial on Improving Real-Time Behaviour at Embedded Masterclass, UK

During the Embedded Masterclass events at Cambridge, UK (7th May 2009) and Bristol, UK (12th May 2009), Rapita Director Ian Broster will provide a half-day workshop on timing issues.

"How long does my software take to run... and how can I reduce it?" are key issues for embedded engineers designing reliable systems. Understanding, verifying and improving the timing performance of their real-time products gives successful companies a key competitive edge.

This tutorial will cover key aspects of on-target timing analysis:

  • finding worst-case execution times (WCET) and the worst-case path
  • why worst-case optimization is not the same as average execution optimization
  • looking for worst-case "hot-spots"
  • identifying timing bugs
  • verifying optimization opportunities

For further details, and to register please visit http://www.embedded-masterclass.com/software-timing-analysis.htm