Software Verification Services

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Proven testing solutions for critical software

Reduce testing effort

Our fusion of expertise, smart processes and industry-leading tools reduces the effort needed to test critical software:

Engineering expertise

Our dedicated and experienced engineering teams are ready to apply themselves to test projects worldwide, working either on-site or at our offices in the UK and US.

Smart processes

Our proven V&V processes work alongside your quality management system, allowing us to provide high-quality solutions on-time, on-budget, every time.

Rapita tools

Our industry-leading software verification toolset, RVS, underpins our V&V services, helping our engineers to efficiently produce verification evidence for your project.

Working with us

  • We recognize that each test project is different, and work with you to meet your needs.
  • We run testing activities on-site, at our headquarters in the UK, and at Rapita Systems Inc. in Novi, Michigan. We can support projects with UK / US EYES ONLY requirements.
  • We can host test equipment at our offices to facilitate system and acceptance test activities.

A strong track record

Having provided high-quality verification tools, integration services and customer support to the aerospace and avionics industries worldwide since 2004, we have a strong heritage.

Here's what a recent customer, for whom we ran V&V testing services, had to say about us:

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"We approached Rapita looking for a complete end-to-end solution for software verification. Rapita delivered this and has also performed a range of system-level activities.

We've appreciated their responsiveness from the get-go and the obvious synergies from having testers and tool provider under one roof."

-- Jim Pettinger, Director of Electronic Systems at Triumph Integrated Systems

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Every safety-critical project is different. Contact us to arrange a custom solution that meets your needs.

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