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Rapita Systems Brochure

This brochure provides an introduction and overview of Rapita's tools & services.

Automating WCET Analysis for DO-178B/C

What engineers working on DO-178B projects need to know about determining WCET.

CodeTEST® Replacement with RVS

The alternative solution for engineers using the now deprecated CodeTEST®.

Eight top code coverage questions in embedded avionics systems

What engineers conducting code coverage measurement on embedded avionics targets need to know.

Seven Roadblocks to 100% structural coverage (and how to avoid them)

How to overcome the problem of being unable to get 100% code coverage during testing.

Three steps to avoid software obsolescence in avionic systems

How to add new features while limiting the degradation of performance.

Case Studies

Alenia Aermacchi M-346

Our tools measured and improved the overall execution time of the flight control system on the M-346 Master.

Automating schedulability analysis of on-board software on the Solar Orbiter

Our tools created a measurement-based analysis of Solar Orbiter on-board software for schedulability.

BAE Systems Hawk Mission Computer

Our tools identified major worst-case execution time optimizations on the Hawk Trainer mission computer system.

CDS gets WCET support for their next-generation custom processor

How Rapita Systems worked with CDS to develop, implement and validate a WCET process that works with their development approach.

DO-178B Level A Embraer FCS

How our tools captured worst case timing and stack usage data for DO-178B Level A Embraer Flight Control Systems (FCS).

Infineon SafeTCore drivers

Our tools helped to verify the timing correctness of Infineon’s SafeTCore Safety Drivers running on Infineon’s TriCore family.

Qualification of RapiCover for MC/DC coverage of DO-178B level-A software

Our tools measured structural code coverage up to MC/DC on the Flight Control System of the M-436, leading transonic trainer aircraft from Aermacchi.

Validation of COTS Ada Compiler for Safety-Critical Applications

How Rapita conducted a successful Ada compiler validation project

Wide Body Jet Flight Control System

Our tools improved early detection and resolution of timing problems on a flight control system.

Product Briefs

Aerospace Software Verification Services

Learn how our Software Verification Services can help you reduce the cost of designing and implementing testing processes for critical aerospace software. 

Functional testing for critical software with RapiTestFramework

Learn how RapiTestFramework integrates into developments environment to perform unit, integration and system testing of embedded software.

On-target structural code coverage analysis with RapiCover

Learn how RapiCover can help to reduce testing effort when conducting code coverage analysis.

Measurement based timing and WCET analysis with RapiTime

Learn how RapiTime performs detailed timing and worst-case execution time analysis with minimal overhead.

Continuous tracing with the RTBx data logger

Learn how to collect timing and coverage data with the RTBx data logger.

Visualising RTOS Scheduling and Event Tracing with RapiTask

Find out how RapiTask can help you to diagnose problems more quickly by letting you visualize scheduling behavior.

Automotive Software Verification Services

Learn how our Software Verification Services can help you reduce the cost of designing and implementing testing processes for critical automotive software. 

RapiCover Tool Qualification: DO-178B/C

Learn how we provide tool qualification support for using RapiCover in projects requiring DO-178B/C certification.

RapiCover Tool Qualification: ISO 26262

Learn how we provide tool qualification support for using RapiCover in projects requiring ISO 26262 certification.

RapiTime Tool Qualification: DO-178B/C

Learn how we provide tool qualification support for using RapiTime in projects requiring DO-178B/C certification.

Zero Overhead Instrumentation with RapiTime

Learn how to use RapiTime to instrument source code with no instrumentation overhead.

Frozen Version Support

Find out more about how we support projects with long lifetimes with our Frozen Version Support service.

Target Integration Service

Find out more about Rapita's Target Integration Service.

Research Projects


Find out more about our collaborative work on this EU project which focuses on the development of multicore processors for hard real-time embedded systems and techniques to guarantee analyzabiility and timing predictability.


Learn more about a project which proposes a new solution to the pursuit of higher performance, improved safety and lower costs - multi-core processors.


Find out more about a project which aims to improve test-based embedded systems development and validation while considering the constraints of industrial development process.


Find out about a project which is developing new tools, hardware and software architectures that will allow faster computer hardware features to be used and analyzed more easily in reliable systems.


PROXIMA: Probabilistic real-time control of mixed-criticality multicore and manycore systems


VeTeSS: Verification and Testing to Support Functional Safety Standards

Technical Notes

Integrated Test Automation and Coverage for ISO 26262 using Mx-Suite with RapiCover

An integration between RapiCover and Mx-Suite means coverage can now be collected automatically during testing.

Measuring MATLAB Simulink models' worst-case execution time with RapiTime

This technical note describes how RapiTime can be integrated with MATLAB Simulink to achieve this level of reporting.

RapiTime trace capture using iSYSTEM trace-enabled debuggers

How integrating RapiTime with the iTRACE GT provided an effective way to collect the trace of instrumentation points.

RVS trace capture using Lauterbach TRACE-32 PowerTrace

How RVS and Lauterbach PowerTrace were combined to collect trace instrumentation points for analysis.

Using RapiTime and RapiTask with RTEMS® to verify real-time performance in a multicore environment

Find out how RapiTime and RapiTask can be used with RTEMS on multicore projects

Using RapiTime with VxWorks to verify real-time performance

Find out how we determined the worst-case execution time of VxWorks with real-time processes.

Using RVS for on-target verification with the Vector VX1000

An explanation of how the Vector VX1000 can be used to collect verification data from embedded targets for use with RVS.

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