Race condition testing

Race conditions occur in multi-threaded software when multiple threads attempt to modify a piece of shared data at the same time. This can become a potentially serious problem if the output of one thread’s execution affects another thread’s execution, in a way that causes unexpected or incorrect results.
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Why Static analysis doesn't work for Multicore WCET estimation

The estimation of sensible worst case execution time (WCET) for applications running on multicore processors is far more challenging than for those running on single core processors. Multicore processors are more complex in design, and less predictable in behavior than single core systems.
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The origin of the name "Rapita"

Why does Rapita Systems owe so much to a small, idyllic fishing village with links to pirates?
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How did the first real-time embedded system also produce the first timing bug?

It's over 40 years since one of the first real-time operating systems was designed for the first computer using integrated circuits. What happened to this operating system in action is a fascinating tale.
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Test your Ada skills with our puzzle

Produced by our software engineer Jack W for the Ada Europe 2019 event, below is a fiendishly tricky Ada code software puzzle.
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