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RTBx™ provides a target-independent, long duration, high-data rate logger for recording time-stamped data from embedded real-time applications. The RTBx data logger provides an excellent way of collecting trace data for use by RVS.

Connected to an output port of embedded hardware, RTBx logs and timestamps data values that appear. The use of an output port for generating trace data minimizes the instrumentation overhead of a real-time application.

Two variants of the RTBx are available:

  • RTBx1210
    Capture data up to 16 bits wide
  • RTBx1221
    Capture data at higher rates and up to 32 bits wide
Mode16 bit8 bit32 bit16 bit8 bit
Maximum sustained trace rate (Ipoints/second)20M30M20M40M60M
Minimum Ipoint separation (typical instrumentation, no external clock)33ns33ns50ns25ns25ns
Minimum Ipoint separation (special instrumentation, no external clock)12ns12ns19ns10ns10ns
Minimum Ipoint separation (external clock)10ns10ns17ns8ns8ns
RTBx capacity (x 1012 Ipoints, assuming typical compression)253371216
Maximum duration of trace at maximum sustained trace rate347 hours
(14 days)
308 hours
(12 days)
111 hours
(4 days)
83 hours
(3 days)
74 hours
(3 days)
Maximum duration of trace at typical tracing rate*66 days75 days32 days31 days36 days

* Data for ARM9 running Dhrystone tests at 96MHz