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RTBx™ provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution for collecting long streams of verification data from tests run on embedded targets. It is target-independent, supporting a wide variety of target architectures, and provides an excellent way of collecting trace data for use by RVS.

Connected to output ports on embedded hardware, RTBx logs and timestamps data output values. By using output ports to collect trace data in this way, RTBx minimizes the instrumentation overhead needed to collect data, making it suitable for use with embedded systems with limited memory available.

Multiple models of RTBx are available or planned. See the table below to decide which one best meets your needs. 

SpecificationRTBx 2220RTBx 2320*RTBx 2240*RTBx 2340*
Signal inputUp to 32 bitUp to 64 bit
Maximum sustained tracing rate (million ipoints/second)250720250720
Minimum ipoint separation4 ns2 ns4 ns2 ns
Sampling frequency250 MHz720 MHz250 MHz720 MHz
Storage capacity500 GB
Typical continuous tracing durationDays
Electrical signalLVDS/TTL

*Currently under development; specification of the final model may change. Additional capacity available on request. Using an adapter.