Automatically timestamp data

The RTBx automatically timestamps verification data that it collects. This removes the need to configure a timestamping procedure on the embedded target itself, which would incur code size and execution time overheads.

Compared to other hardware that can be used for timestamping such as debuggers and logic analyzers, the RTBx can collect trace data for far longer, meaning that it doesn't become a bottleneck in your testing.  

You can use the RTBx's 64-bit on-board clock to timestamp data, even when it is produced at extremely high rates. Because the RTBx has a single clock, there's no need to worry about timing inconsistencies caused by systems with multiple clocks, such as multi-core systems. This makes it an excellent way of collecting data for use with RapiTask.

Alternatively, you can synchronize the RTBx with clocks on your embedded hardware to collect data when your hardware reports that it has been output. To ensure that data is ready before it is collected, the RTBx lets you set a delay, and you can configure it to collect data on the rising or falling edges of clock signals, or both.