We create efficient and cost-effective tools for software developers working on high-integrity aerospace applications at civil and military aerospace manufacturers around the world. Their need for accurate verification tools has never been higher.

RVS Aero helps engineers meet the demanding verification requirements associated with DO-178B/C or equivalent military standards in systems ranging in complexity from simple cyclic systems up to ARINC-653 partitioned operating systems.

Aerospace applications are typically designed to satisfy DO-178B/C guidance and many are built to an IMA architecture using ARINC-653 systems powered by the most advanced microprocessors available. While weight reductions and maintenance savings are a key objective of complex software architectures, these technology trends make the timing behaviour of already complex aerospace systems more difficult to analyze.

As a consequence, interest in engineering approaches and tools that can aid quick detection and analysis of potential timing problems during development is on the increase. At the same time, the increasing complexity of avionic systems leads to an increasing demand for low overhead solutions for measuring coverage on-target.

RVS Aero tools increase the efficiency of testing processes, aid identification of performance bottlenecks, and are designed for the typical resource constrained embedded environment.