eSOL Trinity visit Rapita Systems

Two delegates from one of our Japanese distributors visited our York (UK) office last week; Mr. Shuzo Tanaka-san, VP & Director at eSOL Trinity, and his colleague Mr. Atsushi Shinbo-san, a Field Application Engineer.

We asked Tanaka-san a few questions while he was here.

Good morning, Mr. Tanaka-san. Can you tell us a little about eSOL Trinity?

"eSOL Trinity was established in 2015, and we’re a wholly owned subsidiary of eSOL, one of Japan’s biggest embedded software specialists.

Our main business is to provide high-quality tools to Japanese customers.

Our key market in Japan is the automotive industry. We started to sell Rapita’s software verification tools this year."

Mr. Shuzo Tanaka-san - eSOL Trinity Mr. Shuzo Tanaka-san at Rapita HQ

Why did you choose to distribute Rapita products?

"We have found a future use-case for Rapita's multicore analysis technology. In the future, automotive companies will need to solve big challenges if they want to use multicore systems in autonomous driving products. Rapita Systems has the technology for solving that challenge. That’s one reason why we chose to distribute Rapita Systems’ solutions."

Multicore demo Our senior Multicore engineer, Dr. Christos Evripidou, delivered a Multicore timing demo to Tanaka-san & Shinbo-san

What trends do you see in the Japanese automotive industry?

"The self-driving car market is growing rapidly. These vehicles are complex and require high-performance systems running on multi/many-core processors. Using these systems presents several new technological challenges in terms of performance and software architecture.

This is where Rapita’s tools prove to be effective, as they test on the actual hardware and work with multicore systems, which is critical."

What is the purpose of your visit to York?

"Our main purpose is to share what customers from Japan think about software quality and development processes.

Shinbo and I are also here to get a deeper understanding of the Rapita tool suite. Shinbo will be staying all week to get some practical training on how to use Rapita’s tools."

Rapita Systems is excited about building even stronger links with eSOL Trinity and continuing to expand our reach in the automotive sector.

If you would like to find out more about our Multicore Timing Service, please get in touch.