Major milestone as Rapita Systems Inc is launched in the US

With the incorporation of a new US company, Rapita Systems, Inc., Rapita Systems will now be able to offer its software verification solutions to defense-related and other restricted access projects.

Rapita Systems, Inc. will operate from offices in Novi, Michigan and comply with ITAR, OPSEC and NIST CyberSecurity Framework guidance.

Rapita Systems, Inc. is the US counterpart to Rapita Systems Ltd (UK), who have established the Rapita Systems brand, providing industry-leading solutions for critical software verification to the global aerospace and automotive industries since 2004.

Rapita Inc Rapita Inc offices in Novi, Michigan

Rapita Systems, Inc. will provide critical software verification solutions, including a unique multicore timing analysis solution, from its offices in Novi, Michigan. Michigan was recently listed as one of the Top 10 states for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness by PwC, and has close ties to the automotive industry. Novi is also home to Rapita Systems’ parent company, Danlaw Inc. Working close to Danlaw will allow greater reactivity in providing verification services, and promote further development of solutions that cater to both aerospace and automotive industries.

Dr Guillem Bernat Dr Guillem Bernat, CEO of Rapita Systems Ltd

"The launch of Rapita Systems, Inc. is an important milestone for the Rapita Systems brand. We’ll now be able to handle restricted access US projects more easily and bring our industry-leading software verification solutions to even more customers."

Dr. Guillem Bernat, CEO, Rapita Systems Ltd

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Rapita Systems has its US office in Novi, Michigan. It is part of Danlaw Inc., a global leader in connected car and automotive electronics.

Rapita Systems, Inc. contact – Dan McClung, Vice President Engineering Solutions, +1 248-957-9801.

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