Rapita and ConsuNova host joint workshop in Ankara, Turkey

This week, Rapita Systems and ConsuNova gave a joint public Safety Critical Software Test Workshop in Ankara, Turkey.

At the workshop, ConsuNova's Reza Madjidi outlined an optimized path to DO-178 certification. Rapita's Hashem Ghazzawi and Richard Chandler, meanwhile, introduced Rapita's products and gave a live demo showing how the RVS software reduces the cost of verifying critical embedded code.

The workshop was well received, particularly the demonstration of Rapita's established process for multicore worst-case execution time analysis.

The event was a great opportunity to catch up with ConsuNova and get to know embedded engineers in the region. We'd like to thank Rufi Ozturk from KONAKA Savunma, our distributor in Turkey, for organizing the event, and look forward to visiting Ankara again soon.