Rapita Systems at Ada Europe 2017

Rapita Systems is attending Ada Europe 2017 next week, which is being held in Vienna between Monday 12th and Friday 16th June.

Rapita has a strong grounding in the Ada language, which has been used to develop Rapita's suite of software verification tools, RVS. RVS reduces the cost of critical software verification by automatically collecting verification metrics while software runs on host machines or embedded targets. 

At the conference, Rapita will present a talk describing the challenges of functional testing of Ada language constructs, particularly for DO-178B/C projects. These include the testing of generics and handling of private types, subtypes and complex package dependencies. Further, it will demonstrate how its functional testing tool, RapiTest, solves many of these challenges. 

Rapita will also be promoting its Software Verification Services, through which it offers engineering expertise, RVS tools and knowledge of critical processes such as DO-178B/C to meet the complex needs of critical verification projects. 

If you are interested in arranging a one-to-one meeting at the conference, contact us at enquiries@rapitasystems.com