Rapita technology supports Pilatus Aircraft critical software

Rapita technology supports Pilatus Aircraft critical software

Rapita Systems’ on-target code coverage measurement tool RapiCover is being used by engineers at Pilatus to support the certification of embedded software on their PC-21 aircraft.

RapiCover has been designed specifically with embedded systems in mind. Its low resource utilization means that fewer test runs are needed to obtain coverage results, improving overall efficiency. 

Andrew Porritt, Software Quality Manager at Pilatus, commented:

“We are very pleased with the performance of RapiCover on our recent project. Rapita’s engineers quickly deployed the tool and we were gathering meaningful results immediately. RapiCover’s very low resource requirements were the difference between success and failure to gather the data needed to support our certification”.

Dr. Guillem Bernat, Chief Executive Officer of Rapita Systems, is pleased by the opportunity to work with Pilatus, saying:

“We are happy to have been selected by Pilatus to work with them on the PC-21 program. We look forward to being part of future aircraft development projects with this leading European airframe manufacturer.”