Rapita's Christmas party

We were excited to welcome the (extended) Rapita family for a festive evening of entertainment at our Christmas party last Friday. The evening was a chance to celebrate all of the amazing work we've done over the last twelve months, and welcome new members of the team.

The party started with an amazing musical performance by Sevane Fourmigue, one of our SQA Engineers. Sevane awed us all with her guitar skills and beautiful singing voice, performing covers of classics and less-known numbers alike including "Fever", "Jolene" and "Liquid Lunch". We'll be sure to book her in the future!

After a much appreciated buffet, Rapita's General Manager Ian Broster gave us a challenge, asking each table to see how high we could suspend a bottle of champagne from the floor using only a single sheet of A4 paper and at most a meter of tape. This was a great team-building exercise, sparked a lot of healthy competition, and was a great opportunity to get to know everyone better, including friends and family.

Congratulations to Mahy Diaz and his team for the winning construction, which lifted the bottle 347 mm from the floor. Can you do better?

We've had a great year, completing V&V service projects, launching our multicore timing analysis solution, and welcoming many new members to the Rapita family (expanding our team by almost 15%).

We look forward to another great year to come. Happy Christmas!

Mahy Diaz's winning structure
Guillem Bernat and Ian Broster