Automate testing on host and target

You can run RVS tools automatically as part of a continuous build environment that uses manual scripts or application lifecycle management tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo.

Automated testing with RVS

Writing scripts to run rvsdriver, the main RVS command-line application, is easy. The following script, for example, runs dynamic analysis on instrumented source code to produce a report:

rvsdriver --project MyRVSProject.rvsprj --run --report  

The RVS Project Manager even helps to do this by providing a tool to let you generate custom scripts.


To automate your testing, you'll need to automate any interactions with your build system, target, and data collection mechanism. Often, this can be configured through your RVS integration, which can initiate your build system, start and stop data collection and extract verification data from your target as long as RVS has an interface to your development environment.