Comprehensive verification toolsuite

RVS includes a range of plugins, which let you perform the activities needed for critical software verification:

  • RapiTest for software functional testing at the system, integration and unit level
  • RapiCover for structural coverage up to and including MC/DC from source code
  • RapiCoverZero* for structural coverage analysis directly from object code
  • RapiTime for execution time analysis including worst-case execution time from source code
  • RapiTimeZero* for execution time analysis directly from object code
  • RapiTask for visualization of event scheduling and identification of race conditions and rare events from source code
  • RapiTaskZero* for visualization of event scheduling directly from object code

* Zero footprint RVS tools support the verification of critical software without needing to make modifications to, or even needing access to project source code. These tools require specific hardware environments; see our Zero footprint hardware support.

We're always considering how we can improve RVS. If you would benefit from a particular feature, contact us to discuss custom development opportunities.