Identify tests that hit each element

When you run large batteries of tests on your code, it's helpful to know which of your tests covered each element in your code. This information could help you perform code change analysis and, during early development, help you easily update existing tests to cover uncovered elements in your code.

RVS helps you identify which of your tests cover each element in your source code, whether these are functional tests written in RapiTest or RapiCover datasets. From the RVS Project Manager, simply right-clicking on an element anywhere in your report, including the source code view, lets you export this data.

With this information, when you update your code, it's easy to identify which tests you need to re-run, so you can run only these tests again, thereby reducing the effort needed to review your changes.

If, during early development, you identify areas of your code that are missing structural coverage, you can identify the tests that hit nearby elements in your code and update these to test the element.