Optimal Dataset Calculator

  • Calculate the minimum set of tests to achieve identical coverage
  • Optimize by test duration or other costs 
  • Reduce effort by omitting redundant tests 

You may find that your tests cover the same block of code multiple times. When you change your code, you may need to re-run tests to show that they still behave as expected. Running all of your tests is expensive, both in terms of testing time on target, and engineering effort spent analyzing results.

The Optimal Dataset Calculator lets you calculate the least expensive set of tests you need to run again to achieve the same coverage you did previously. By providing costing values to the calculator through a simple spreadsheet format, you can specify how "expensive" each of your tests are. When you run the Optimal Dataset Calculator, it produces a list of the tests that have the lowest total cost, while still achieving the same coverage you did previously. Running only these tests again will reduce your testing effort.