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RVS for academic and teaching purposes

Designed to meet the needs and budget of the academic environment, RVS Acad provides solutions for verifying critical software and is available at a greatly discounted price compared to commercial versions of RVS.

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Rapita in academia

Rapita Systems has strong ties to the academic environment. Beginning as a spin-off from the University of York, we remain actively involved in research activities including collaboration with universities worldwide.

  • The MASTECS project aims to innovate and commercialize exploitable technology for multicore timing analysis (MTA). The technology developed by MASTECS, will focus on advanced software functions such as autonomous driving, used by the automotive and avionics industries.

    HICLASS will enable UK industry to build and support the most complex, connected, cyber-secure avionic systems in the world. Systems developers, tools suppliers and academics working together to develop integrated solutions

  • ASC is an R&D project led by Rapita Systems which aims to increase the amount of software that can be executed in safety-critical embedded systems such as jet engines to support increased functionality, reduce project costs, and delay expensive hardware upgrades; this work...

    SECT-AIR aims to increase the productivity of critical software development in the UK aerospace industry, optimize software costs and timescales and promote the use of efficient critical software development systems.

    SECT-AIR aims to increase the productivity of critical...

  • The AMASS project aims to lower certification costs for cyber-physical systems in the largest European industrial markets including automotive, railway, aerospace, space and energy.

    AUTOSAC aims to reduce the cost of developing secure software by automating the generation of tests from Spark Ada contracts.

  • PROXIMA is an Integrated Project (IP) of the Seventh framework programme for research and technological development (FP7). The PROXIMA project provides industry ready software timing analysis using probabilistic analysis for many-core and multi-core critical real-time embedded systems and...

    P-SOCRATES is a small or medium scale focused research project funded in part by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The project will address the time-criticality and parallelisation challenges common to High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Embedded Computing (EC)...

If you are engaged in research in the field of software verification, we’d love to know, and we acknowledge requests for collaboration on research activities in selected areas.


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