Out of the box RVS integration for DDC-I's Deos RTOS

One of the largest blockers preventing migration from legacy software verification toolsets to more modern and capable software testing tools is the effort needed to integrate the new tools with the hardware and software environment.

To solve this issue, Rapita Systems have been working with DDC-I, vendors of popular safety-critical RTOS Deos™, to offer better support for RVS integrations with Deos, and the early results are exciting. We now have a working prototype of a rapidly configurable integration with RapiTime (on-target timing) and RapiTask (scheduling visualization).

RapiTask report from Deos integration

The integration it easy to set up, requiring only that you fill in some details such as your target IP address, build system and DDC-I tool locations in a configuration file. In the future, we plan to make the integration even simpler as a true "out-of-the-box" solution. We plan to host a joint webinar with DDC-I demonstrating this technology soon, so please keep an eye on our RapiTimes newsletter and LinkedIn account for more information.

RapiTime automatically instruments critical software with extremely low overheads and produces timing metrics including worst-case execution time while tests run on target.



RapiTask analyzes the task-level timing behavior of critical embedded systems, helping engineers to understand the scheduling behavior of their code and troubleshoot timing issues.

We've worked closely with DDC-I to to develop this seamless, hardware-agnostic integration of RVS with Deos, which is portable to every architecture supported by Deos (PowerPC, ARM, and Intel). In the approach, tracing is accomplished by applying RVS instrumentation with a trace collection mechanism that leverages core Deos functionality already present in every Deos kernel. If you're interested in seeing what this can do for you, check out our webinar with DDC-I, which explores use of the technology for multicore timing analysis.

Looking to the future, we plan to turn our out-of-the-box support into something ready for customer release and we're investigating adding support for other RVS tools, RapiCover (for code coverage analysis up to and including MC/DC) and RapiTest (for unit and system testing).

Dr Sam Thompson

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