DO-178C training workshop, Bristol, UK

Practical DO-178C/ED-12C training workshops

Reduce the cost of compliance
Bristol, UK
13-14 Nov 2018
San Diego, USA
Summer, 2019

The leading providers of DO-178C training, consultancy and testing solutions invite you to join a hands-on DO-178C training event in Bristol this November!

In our two-day workshop, you’ll learn the hidden challenges of the DO-178C lifecycle, best testing practices and how to apply them.

What will you learn?

  • In fast-paced sessions, you'll learn about DO-178C's intent, processes, and industry best DO-178C practices.
  • In hands-on workshops, you'll learn how to deal with hidden but costly DO-178C challenges.
  • Engineers & Managers will take away practical methods that they can apply in their projects immediately.
  • Testers and Engineers will understand major technical cost drivers and how to avoid them.


Day 1Day 2
Applying Optimized DO-178C Compliance PracticesUnderstand and Fine-tune DO-178C Engineering Challenges
1.Understanding ARP-4754A & ARP-4761 challenges and relationship to DO-178C.Workshop: Requirements Best Practices.
2.Optimized DO-178C process implementation and cost-effective planning.Applying efficient review processes to reduce overhead and proof of compliance.
3.Understanding challenging differences between DO-178B and DO-178C.Understanding DO-178C compliance audits: timing and success factors.
4.DO-178C industry facts and compliance cost drivers.DO-330 tool qualification: options and challenges.
5.DO-178C testing and structural coverage analysis objectives explained.How to avoid hidden but costly DO-178C objectives (such as worst-case execution time).
6.Workshop: Most accepted DO-178C structural coverage analysis and un-covered code.DO-178C final compliance packaging (PHAC, problem reporting)

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