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Want to reduce the cost of DO-178C/ED-12C compliance? If so, join ConsuNova and Rapita Systems for their practical DO-178C training workshops, held regularly around the US and Europe. These workshops...
Rapita's functional testing tool for critical software has been renamed from "RapiTestFramework" to "RapiTest" 
Rapita Systems, the leading provider of software verification solutions for critical aerospace and automotive systems, and eSOL TRINITY (TRINITY), a premier solution provider for embedded system design and development, have signed a distribution agreement for TRINITY to become a distributor and...
Rapita Systems’ on-target code coverage measurement tool RapiCover is being used by engineers at Pilatus to support the certification of embedded software on their ...
Recently, Rapita Systems worked with OHB Sweden to increase the efficiency of their coverage analysis on the Attitude Orbital Control System software for the Electra satellite. Find...


Ada Europe
Date: 18-Jun-18 to 22-Jun-18
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
We're: Exhibiting, Presenting
Aviation Electronics Expo
Date: 19-Jun-18 to 20-Jun-18
Location: Munich, Germany
We're: Exhibiting, Presenting
DO-178C training workshop
Date: 25-Jul-18 to 26-Jul-18
Location: San Diego, USA
We're: Co-hosting
DO-178C training workshop
Date: 13-Nov-18 to 14-Nov-18
Location: Bristol, UK
We're: Co-hosting