RVS 3.6 released

Rapita Systems is proud to announce the latest release of its on-target software verification tool suite RVS, version 3.6. 

Over the last 6 months, we have been working tirelessly to make this our highest quality release to date. 

Testing processes in the development of software for critical real-time embedded systems are incredibly expensive, both in terms of the effort required to run tests and subsequent analysis effort. We believe that our verification tools should improve the efficiency of these testing processes, by being designed to work seamlessly through the development process. 

This is why we have been developing new features in RVS 3.6 that help direct the testing process, reducing the effort required to repeat tests and trace results to tests and requirements. These new features, as well as some of the other improvements made since RVS 3.5, are listed below:

  • The new Treemaps feature in RapiCover lets you visualize your coverage at a glance 
  • New options for managing tests and subprograms allow you to filter coverage with fine granularity
  • Our new Optimal Dataset Calculator can determine the minimal set of tests you must run again when you change code
  • Our improved justification workflow gives you new options, such as including custom fields in templates 
  • RVS now supports many new Ada 2012 features, and recent GNAT compilers
  • Our coverage parsing tool now lets you process multiple tests in a single command-line
  • We have fixed over 150 bugs

You can find more information on some of the new features available in RVS 3.6 on our website. 

Get in touch with us at enquiries@rapitasystems.com for more information on RVS. Registered users can download the latest version through our downloads manager.

What is RVS?

RVS (Rapita Verification Suite) measures, optimizes and verifies the timing performance and test effectiveness of critical real-time embedded systems. Our tools are mostly used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Using RVS, aerospace and automotive electronics engineers can tackle the challenges involved in developing and maintaining critical real-time embedded systems. Qualification support is available for the RapiCover and RapiTime tools in projects requiring DO-178B/C or ISO 26262 certification.

Find out more about:

  • RapiCover – Structural coverage analysis, including MC/DC coverage
  • RapiTime – Performance measurement and timing analysis, including worst-case execution time (WCET)
  • RapiTask – Visualization of RTOS scheduling and event tracing
  • RapiTestFramework – Unit/system level testing