• 2D visualization of code coverage
  • View coverage by any metric
  • Zoom to see coverage for specific elements

The Treemaps feature lets you visualize your RapiCover code coverage graphically. Your RapiCover project likely includes a very large code base, written across many folders, files and subprograms. You can use the Treemaps feature to see an overview of this hierarchy, and identify where you have missing coverage to direct your testing efforts. 

Treemaps lets you view coverage for your source code as a whole, and zoom into individual files or folders to quickly see the code coverage you have achieved. Using Treemaps, you can view coverage based on any of the coverage criteria in RapiCover, from Statement to MC/DC level. You can synchronize the Treemaps view with the RVS Project Manager, letting you see your code coverage and detailed metrics side-by-side.  

The coverage shown in the Treemaps view updates to match your selection of datasets and subprograms. You can use the Treemaps view together with the Dataset and Scope Manager features to quickly identify your code coverage for a specific test.