Justify untestable code

RapiCover justifications let you mark untestable code as covered by analysis. This lets you provide a rationale for why the code cannot be tested, such as it being defensive or on an infeasible path. You can attach files such as requirements to justifications so you can trace them back to requirements. 

Justifications are designed to reduce the effort needed for your testing project. You can store all of your justifications in the same location, such as a central server under version control. This lets multiple users use the same set of justifications so you don't have to create the same justification twice. You can also create custom fields for your justifications, and use templates to write new justifications more quickly.

RapiCover helps you to migrate justifications when your source code changes by identifying changes to the code and suggesting where justifications should be relocated after manual review. When code changes but these changes do not impact on a justification, it even migrates the justification automatically.

RapiCover justifications can be qualified for use in DO-178B/C and ISO 26262 projects.