You can apply a single justification to multiple locations, reducing the effort involved in managing justifications in projects with many coverage holes of the same type.

When viewing a justification in the RVS Project Manager, you can add multiple locations, or ‘Targets’, associated with that justification. You can also use the right-click menu to apply an existing justification to any element in a table, or in the source code view.

For example, if you create a justification for an uncovered MC/DC condition in your code, you can apply the same justification to the whole branch, saving you time. In projects where the same piece of code is used multiple times in many different files and folders, you can create a single justification and apply it to all locations. This makes managing justifications easier, as well as more consistent and streamlined. Used together with other features, such as custom fields, templates and migrating justifications, multi-justifications reduce the overall effort needed for your testing project.