Migrate justifications when code changes

If you run coverage analysis during active development, your code will often change. If you have applied RapiCover or RapiCoverZero justifications to mark your code as covered by analysis, this could require review of the justifications you have applied to ensure they are still valid. Manual review would require considerable effort and is prone to error.

RapiCover and RapiCoverZero help you migrate your justifications to new builds. When the tools are confident that your existing justifications are still valid with the new build because, for example, the source file containing the function has not changed, the tools automatically migrate justifications for you. When they aren't confident of this, they attempt to locate the new code element that the justification was applied to, taking into account function renaming, changes to function structure or register addresses and function relocation. If the tools can locate this code, they highlight the old and new versions and suggest where to migrate the justification to, so it's as easy as the click of a button to do so after review.

For RapiCover, you can configure the strictness with which justifications are automatically migrated, for example to automatically migrate all justifications where the function that was justified has not changed between builds.

For RapiCover, this feature is qualifiable for use in DO-178B/C and ISO 26262 projects.